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Here it is! Robert W. Yarbrough's Personal Web Site

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I have made a few updates November of 2017 - The last time this page was updated was August of 2003 and the last time before that was 9/5/96. It hasn't changed very much at all from the original format ...pretty retro actually, I'm still fiddlin' wid it, so you will see minor changes from time to time... Keep scrolling down for a little more information and other fun stuff.

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I still treasure all things analog, so here is an analog timepiece for your enjoyment...

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Where is the City of Mesquite anyway? Here it is on Google Maps! It is located in Dallas County in the Great State of Texas - The Lone Star State, which although some of us Texans think that Texas *IS* a Country of its own, it is a State in the United States of America.

Here are some sites about our great country -- The United States of America:
The Whitehouse US Department of State Information Page
US Government Official Web Portal The Flag of the United States of America
ARCHIVED: USINFO - US Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs
This is the archive page for the now nonfunctional site that delivered information about current US foreign policy and about American life and culture.
USINFO - US Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs
This is the current site delivering information about current US foreign policy and about American life and culture.
U.S. Passport and International Travel U.S. Library of Congress

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Talk like a Cowboy Cowboy Dictionary
Talk like a Pirate Pirate Translator
Morse Code Translator

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One of my favorite pastimes... Old Time Radio (OTR)

My humble abodes... I wish
Robert's Winter House Robert's Summer House

I do my best thinking in my summer house. Except in the winter, then I do my best thinking at the winter house. It's really very Yummy Coffee goes here! Look at this! difficult to keep them clean. Anyway, I'd like to share with you a little about my family - wife & children, the projects I am involved in, my church, my work, some of my interests, hobbies, and all of that "personal" kinda stuff. I have many projects working concurrently. This web site is one of them. I have a lot left to do to get this site where I feel comfortable with it. I use this website for myself to help me organize my favorite links and sites, but I think its great if you want to look around. I also hope you find it useful if you share some of the same interests as I do.

SO here's a familiar disclaimer .......


This site still under construction, please pardon our dust. Content the sole property of Robert W. Yarbrough, and may not represent the views of any employer or client I might have. Tax, Title and Licence, don't try this at home, professional driver on closed course, void where prohibited...
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I like antiques and old time things (nostalgic I am) so I have pictures of items of the past scattered throughout the site. Here are a few things here...

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